Top 10 Paleo Cookbooks

It can be tough to eat Paleo unless you have the right recipes and meal plans to follow. You will probably end up crashing and burning if you try figuring it out on your own. So having a good Paleo cookbook full of delicious recipes that are all planned out for you according to Paleo principles of what foods you should eat and which ones you should avoid is key. The following are my picks for the best 10 Paleo cookbooks to help you start living the Paleo lifestyle and enjoying better health!

1. The Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastien Noel

This is my favorite Paleo cookbook. It comes with more than 350 recipes and shows you how you can cook using all of those healthy foods you should eat according to the Paleo way of eating, and how to avoid all the junk that can make you fat and sluggish and mess up your system. The recipe book is laid out in a very clear manner so you can see what ingredients you need and how to prepare it. Included is an 8 week autopilot meal plan that makes everything very simple to follow and takes away all of the guesswork.

Key Benefits:

– A separate Desserts cookbook is included
– A guide is included on the right spices and herbs to use in your cooking
– In ebook format that can be downloaded on any mobile device
– 60 day money-back guarantee

2. Caveman Feast by George Bryant and Abel and Abel James

This cookbook contains more than 200 Paleo friendly recipes. There are also several bonuses that come with the main book, so you will be receiving plenty of solid information from leading authoritative sources on what Paleo is all about and what it isn’t about.

Key Benefits:

– 8 different categories are covered, including side dishes and breakfasts.
– Uses no preservatives, refined sugar, dairy, potatoes or grains.
– The recipes will help you lose weight and provide you with more energy.

3. Paleo Hacks

Paleo Hacks includes over 200 recipes that you can try as you explore the Paleo lifestyle and learn what foods you are supposed to eat. When eating these meals you can expect to develop leaner muscles, in addition to more mental clarity and energy, all without needing to suffer from cravings and hunger pangs associated with most diets. That is because, as the Paleo Hacks team reminds you, Paleo really isn’t a diet, it is a way of life. And with the kind of meals you will be preparing here, you definitely won’t feel like you are missing out on anything. In fact, you will feel like you are indulging instead.

Key Benefits:

– A 30 day jumpstart guide is included to show you exactly what foods you should be eating
– A shopping list is included so that you know what foods to buy at the grocery store
– Restaurant Guide for eating Paleo
– This is comprehensive kit where all Paleo basics are covered.

4. 1,000 Paleo Recipes

This is actually an entire series of Paleo cookbooks that is fairly extensive. There are hundred of recipes included in various categories such as appetizers, pork, red meat and fish. It is an excellent way to get a very solid grounding in the foods and meals you should be preparing for yourself, and have a great database of recipes for you to choose from. These recipes will help you perform better cognitively, burn fat and help down the aging process down. You can prepare these meals easily and quickly, so you won’t need to spend all of your time cooking.

Key Benefits:

– Collection of Paleo cookbooks can be accessed from tablets and smartphones
– Step-by-step instructions guide you through the preparation process
– Quick Start guide is included
– You get both quantity and quality with this collection of Paleo cookbooks

5. Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining by Bill Staley

This Paleo book is especially geared toward entertaining your family and friends. It features impressive Paleo meals that your loved ones might not even realize are Paleo. This solves a major problem you can encounter when wanting to entertain, but not wanting to sacrifice all of the process you have made by eating non-Paleo friendly foods. This recipe book will show you how you can prepare foods that everybody will enjoy, whether or not they follow a Paleo diet. It includes recipes for everything ranging from a casual get together to full dinner party.

Key Benefits:

– The meals come with detailed photos so you will know how they are supposed to look
– Kindle format
– Highly reviewed and rated, with plenty of customer praise for the high quality of the instructions and recipes

6. Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

This cookbook features more than 100 Paleo recipes. It also is written in a very humorous and entertaining style that will make you smile as you are cooking, to make the entire process a lot more fun. This is a 288-page cook book for you to fully explore, so you won’t run out of recipes for any kind of meal you want to prepare.

Key Benefits:

– Instructions on how to get your kitchen successfully stocked for Paleo
– Teaches you how to feed your children based on Paleo fundamentals
– A best-selling iPad Paelo app is also available from the authors featuring even more recipes

7. Summer Eats

This collection of recipes is unique to the Paleo world. They are gourmet-like meals done Paleo style, so you can stay healthy while still feeling very well-fed. Quality is featured over quantity with this cookbook. There are just 16 recipes but they have been designed to really blow you away. This is the kind of recipe collection that you will want to have handy for a special meal that you want to prepare, without having to go off of your Paleo eating plan. There are also recipes provided for clean cocktails! That way you can enjoy a delicious beverage without all of the sugar and calories.

Key Benefits:

– Newbie friendly
– Video training
– Exclusive access to any future recipes that are released

8. Paleo Power Lunch by Stormy Sweitzer

These delicious Paleo lunches will allow you to power through those long afternoons without any brain fog or sluggishness. Quite often lunchtime is no man’s land when you aren’t sure what to pack for your lunch, or you plans are changed suddenly. You may end up grabbing whatever you can find, which is usually processed, prepackaged foods that are bad for your health. However, when you have Paleo Power Lunch, you will be be equipped at all times with the fuel that you need for getting through your workday without feeling worn down or hungry. We really enjoyed doing this paleo cookbook review, and here’s the benefits.

Key Benefits:

– Quick reference guide is included
– Ability to pack your snacks and lunches within minutes
– Game plan provided for how to get your week set up success
– Fast and easy Paleo lunches that are delicious too

9. Paleo In A Kitchen

What this cookbook promises is that you won’t be merely a caveman blindly following recipes, but instead the information that you are provided with will actually teach you how to cook. It would be great to master the art of cooking Paleo dishes and meals, and with the high-quality, simple ingredients that can be found in this book’s Paleo approved foods list, there isn’t any reason why you can’t succeed. This is considered to be a Paleo cooking masterclass, therefore you will want to get comfortable with the concept of being able to cook your own delicious foods, and leave any hesitation and doubt behind you.

Key Benefits:

– Saves you money by teaching you how to buy the best ingredients for less
– Teach you how to prepare delicious recipes
– Builds your confidence in cooking meals from scratch
– This Paleo cookbook will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the world of Paleo cooking

10. Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

This highly rated cookbook will provide you with more than 120 recipes and teach you how to prepare Paleo food for your family as well as yourself. If you have ever wished you could follow a “diet” where it wasn’t necessary to eat foods specifically labeled as diet foods or count calories, then Paleo is definitely the way to go. This cookbook is a great way to get started. It provides you with all of the information that you need and has been time tested and peer review to ensure that you learn things about Paelo that you weren’t aware of before. The recipes are laid out in an easy to follow manner, so you can be sure to stick with them and learn how to prepare Paleo meals the right way.

Key Benefits:

– 30 Day Meal Plan is included making it very easy to follow
– Kindle format
– Tear out guides to give you easy access to the information you need
– A solid Paleo cookbook that provides you with all of the fundamentals you need for cooking and eating Paleo.