Food and Cooking

Dottie Honey Pot at Anthropologie

From the grandmother who enjoys honey within her tea to the little one fond of drizzling it on his oatmeal, this inexpensive stoneware bear will charm receivers of all ages. The tiny timber dipper is also included.

Marna Pink Piggy Steamer

There aren’t many things that are simultaneously adorable and essential, however this multi-purpose pig lid is one of them. It may be utilized to maintain ingredients submerged, as a cover when microwaving food and because of grip for trapped lids.

Heath Kids Dinnerware Place

Little kids will feel like big kids if they use those cheery stoneware dishes at the table. They’re lovely to look at, but sturdy enough to stand up to some tiny rough-and-tumble therapy. Available with or without matching silverware.

Boldric Leather Knife Bag

For the chef on the move, or even the home cook that has just invested in a set of quality knives this tasteful buffalo-hide knife roster fits the bill. It holds eight knives and is available in black, white, tan or brown.

Pedestal Tile Tray by Flavia Del Pra

This brilliant decorative tray is handmade by Flavia Del Pra, a ceramicist who draws inspiration from the vivid colours and designs of her native Brazil. The copperplate framework’s height is adjustable, making it ideal for serving hot dishes onto a crowded table or showcasing a well-baked pie. Other patterns and sizes are readily available.

Räsymatto Cutting Board by Marimekko

This eye-catching compressed-wood cutting board doubles as a serving platter or cheeseboard that you can bring into the table.

Roaster with Blanc Creative

This 13-inch carbon-steel pan is throw in a small workshop in Charlottesville, Va., and is as magnificent as it’s versatile. Added pan sizes are available, and delivery takes about 2 to three months.

Anova Precision Cooker

Lovers of sous vide swear with the on-trend cooking technique for cooked meats, fish and eggs. This wand connecting to your cell phone, letting you cook remotely, and it comes with an adjustable clamp so that you can use it with just about any pot.

Skull Barspoon at Cocktail Kingdom

For the buddy with a reputation for producing killer cocktail (ba-da-bum), this gold-plated bar spoon will do just fine. In addition, it is accessible copperplate, gunmetal black and stainless steel.

Radish Rattle by Maileg

Prospective food fanatics (and their parents) are sure to love this achingly adorable embroidered rattle. It is 100-percent cotton wool and super jazzy, so it can be thrown around without injuring any local grown-ups.

Breads Bakery Babka

Can not make it home for the holidays this season? Send a three-pack of Breads Bakery’s famous chocolate or cinnamon babka in your stead, and they may not even notice your lack.

Parlor Coffee

For the home barista, give a bag or two of beans (or a monthly subscription) out of a Brooklyn coffee roaster that began as a tiny espresso counter in the back of a barbershop. Bonus: the packaging is gorgeous, which means that you won’t have to wrap.

Muji Rice Cooker

This sleek rice cooker by Muji is the trendiest of kitchen gadgets: exactly the sort you do not mind leaving out on the counter top in plain sight. It may make up to three cups of rice and has a tiny spot in addition to the lid to store a bamboo rice paddle (sold individually).

“Les Diners de Gala,”“Far Afield” and “The actors’ and Writers’ Cookbook: A Collection Of Stories With Recipes”

Add a little colour to your favorite cook’s bookshelf this season: Salvador DalĂ­’s “Les Diners de Gala,” a visual explosion of surrealism and outrageous recipes; “Far Afield” a culinary journey publication by Shane Mitchell along with photographer James Mitchell; along with “The actors’ and Writers’ Cookbook,” an illustrated reinvention of the 1961 first edited by Natalie Eve Garrett.

$60 Purchase Les Diners$40 Purchase Far Afield$30 Purchase The actors’ and Writers’ Cookbook