Success Stories

First I would like to thank my wife for having the talent and ability to create such delicious recipes that helped me to lose 80 pounds in just 8 months!
I have to admit that I have always been a carbohydrate/sugar addict.
Her cookbook is designed for people like me who love to eat but may not have the know how to put a recipe together. In my opinion, her desserts are the best you’ll find in any low-carb-cookbook!
Thank you from a happy, healthy husband!
– Ron Moshier –
Texas, USA


Let me welcome you to the new Eat Yourself Thin Like I Did and Eat Yourself Thin With Fabulous Desserts cookbooks. For all of you on a low-carb, high protein diet or contemplating starting a low-carb, high protein diet, these cookbooks will help you by providing delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. Plus, a lot of hints to help you with eating out and making your diet life easier.

These low-carb cookbooks are designed to provide you with exciting recipes for everyday people. You don’t have to be a French chef to prepare these fabulous dishes. The pizza recipe will make pizza lovers ecstatic! And if you are a dessert fanatic like my husband, the wonderful dessert recipes will be your salvation.

From magnificent muffins to beautiful breakfasts, these low-carb, high protein recipes will help you no matter which low-carb, high protein diet you choose -DR. ATKINS, PROTEIN POWER, SUGAR BUSTERS, THE ZONE, THE CARBOHYDRATES ADDICTS DIET, MAYO CLINIC DIET, etc. The recipes in these cookbooks reviews will help you to eat delicious food and still lose the fat!!

I have lost over 130 pounds and my husband has lost 80 pounds. We still can’t believe how easy it was to stay with our diet while eating better than ever. Good luck to you and bon appetit!